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Osmosis +Beauty Cool Skin Tool 1 piece Dermstore

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Osmosis Beauty's Cool Tool is a skin device designed to cool, soothe and help stimulate blood circulation to ease inflammation, irritation and redness. The skin tool utilizes a proprietary solid alloy technology that offers a cooling effect for up to 30 minutes that may be used safely anywhere on the face, neck or body and on most skin types alone or paired with your favorite serums and products. Key Benefits: Helps shrink inflammation, reduces puffiness and shrinks pores Calms irritated skin and soothes areas with sunburn Helps ease tension and headaches Proprietary solid alloy designed to retain cooling effect for maximum time No moving parts or power needed Tip: Use at the end of a skin care routine to aid in lymphatic drainage, rid the body of toxins and help with sinus issues. Osmosis +Beauty Cool Skin Tool 1 piece Dermstore

Manufacturer: Osmosis +Beauty